(Tom Pidgeon/Allsport via Getty Images) (Tom Pidgeon/Allsport via Getty Images)

At left is a photo of Scott Mitchell from 2001, his final season in the NFL.  Below is a photo of  him today (or fairly recently, anyway). So, yeah, he is worthy of a spot on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”

For its sixteenth season, the show is going with a “Glory Days” theme, for which it has rounded up 20 ex-athletes who have gone from inflated senses of self-worth to just the first part. Mitchell enjoyed an 11-year career in the NFL (which may come as a surprise to folks who remember him as pretty much a bust), and he was one of the league’s larger quarterbacks, standing 6-feet-6 and weighing 240 pounds.

Courtesy of NBC

But if Mitchell was large then, he is huge now, checking in at 366 pounds. He is joined on the show by another former NFL player (and current ESPN analyst), Damien Woody, who is listed at 388, but Woody was an offensive  lineman — we expect them to be big fat guys.

Indeed, Woody is 58 pounds over his playing weight. Mitchell’s difference is 126! In fairness, Woody has only been out of the league for three years, so Mitchell, whose current occupation is listed as “Bill Collector,” had a 10-year head start on becoming a one-man expansion team.

Mitchell is best known for an up-and-down career with the Lions after signing a huge (for that time) contract with them in the early days of NFL free agency.

Other notable former athletes on the show include former tennis star Zina Garrison, Lori Harrigan-Mack, a three-time Olympic gold medal winner in softball and WNBA alumna Vanessa Hayden.