There were several foul balls to be had at Miller Park Thursday, including this one in the seventh inning, but the one in that landed in the top of the sixth made its way to the cutest recipient. (Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

In the sixth inning of today’s Giants-Brewers game, San Francisco’s Michael Morse hit a foul ball into the seats along the first-base line. The ball eluded several fans’ attempts to catch it in mid-air, and because it landed on a set of steps between sections, there was an opportunity for a bunch of people to go after it. Which, predictably, they did.

What wasn’t so predictable was who came away from the grasping throng with the prize: a little girl. She hopped up and held the ball aloft, while her equally young friend clapped and whooped in delight.

Here’s video of the heart-warming moment:

We probably should just be glad that she didn’t get hurt in the melee, never mind emerging from it with the souvenir. After all, some people can get very aggressive and/or mean when a ball is up for grabs (or so they think), and think nothing of taking one away from a young girl, as this clip reveals:

Actually, the most remarkable facet of tonight’s episode is that it involved the Giants, but it had nothing to do with Hunter Pence.