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‘Zoo with Roy’ blogger finally gets to go to the zoo with the Phillies’ Roy Halladay

(Matt Slocum/AP)
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The anonymous Phillies fan who started the humorous “Zoo with Roy” blog finally got his wish — after writing imaginary tales about going to the zoo with now-retired Phillies starter Roy Halladay, he finally got to do it real life.

The story around how this all came to be is pretty great. The Philadelphia-based accountant who created “Zoo with Roy” tells of its origins while writing what he promises won’t be his last blog post, despite the fact that the whole project has come full circle:

“I remember the night I wrote the very first bolg [the blogger’s intentional repeated typo] post — we were sitting on our couch, the Nag pregnant with the Wah and me a little too excited over my dream … about this silly idea about starting a bolg about going to the zoo with Roy Halladay. I figured it could never happen, but for some reason a small part of me felt that there was something unique about the whole endeavor. I couldn’t explain it then and it seems I can’t either now. It just felt right in the way things that feel right feel.”

The blog hovered in a special area between endearing, creepy and just straight up hilarious as its writer imagined all the animals they’d see, but eventually earned the respect of the subject himself.

Today, Halladay posted the same pictures as the blogger but added the caption, “Had the strangest Dream last night! Not sure if it really happened!” And before today, Halladay seems to have developed a soft spot for the bloggers antics. That’s Halladay with the official “Zoo with Roy” penguin mascot in July.

As to whether “Zoo with Roy” and Halladay will become real-life friends, that remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if blogs start popping up from other Halladay fans titled “Dinner with Roy” or “Mall with Roy” or, heck, even “Moon with Roy.” Hey, you never know. The Internet is capable of strange things.

(H/t: USA Today)