In for a dime, in for a very soggy dollar. (Mark Zaleski/Associated Press)

Sometimes, after you’ve gotten soaked by rain, it doesn’t really matter how much more rain falls on your head. So it was for Titans fans Saturday night, at least for those who stuck it out in the stands during a steady downpour, as their team squared off against Green Bay in preseason action. It rained so much that the footballs became too waterlogged to ever be used again.

But staying in your seat as rain, even of the semi-torrential variety, falls on you is one thing. Staying in a seat that appears to be directly under a drainage spout is another.

That guy knows he can move, right? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of seats all around him that aren’t at the bottom of Niagara Falls. I credit the rest of the Titans fans (and, noticeably, Packers fans) who remained in attendance. I credit that guy with being sedentary to the point of drowning.

Maybe he just assumed that what was happening to him at that moment was also happening to everyone else in the stadium. Or maybe he just figured that, having had to pay full price for a ticket to a preseason game, he was already taking a bath, so what was the difference?