NFL quarterbacks and brothers Peyton and Eli Manning appear in a slickly-produced rap video advertisement for DirecTV. (DirectTV via YouTube)

Sweet fancy Moses, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are rapping again and it’s utterly spectacular.

This is just what mid-August needed. It’s a little more surreal and slickly produced than last year’s summer blockbuster classic for DirecTV, “Football on Your Phone.” This one is “Fantasy Football Fantasy” and let’s just say that it’s rich.

Picking the top five highlights isn’t easy, but here goes:

1) There is Eli face aplenty. (At this point, he’s just trolling everyone with that, but it’s solidly entertaining.)

(Courtesy DirecTV)

2) There are great lines.

a) “…like an end zone that ends with a waterfall.”

b) “…a shower that showers you with tiny footballs.” (Does that exist? If so, where might one get it? Asking for a friend.)

3) Archie makes an appearance. In outer space.

4) Peyton is the moon. (No sign of George Clooney.)

(Courtesy DirecTV)

5) “Broadway Joe and your mom make stew.” (And there’s Chris Johnson as a barber, too.)

(Courtesy DirecTV)

Here’s last year’s work, subtitled “Football in Your Pants.” It’s only been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube.

The first blockbuster ad by brothers and NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, filmed in 2013. (DirectTV via YouTube)

H/T Natalie Jennings