Roger Goodell (David Goldman/AP)

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness for ALS reached new levels today. Not only did NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell join in, but so did a glacier thanks to NHL free agent Paul ‘Biznasty’ Bissonnette. We’ll get to that in a second.

First, here’s Goodell giving himself an ice water shower, which he dedicated to former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, who has ALS.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Roger Goodell. I want to think [ex-NFL linebacker] Scott Fujita for nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge. I’m honored to accept the challenge and make a donation on behalf of Team Gleason. And when I dry off from this, I’m gonna challenge [Seattle Seahawks coach] Pete Carroll and Michael Strahan,” Goodell said.

The commissioner then dumps the bucket over his head and screams in pain.

But this Ice Bucket Challenge is mild compared to Bissonnette’s Ice Bucket Challenge. He upped the stakes by replacing the ice water with glacier water. Then he turned the dial up to 11 by having said glacier water dropped on his head on top of a mountain from a helicopter. He’s also in a very small Speedo.

“This is … Biznasty accepting Keith Yandle’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge except we’re gonna do it with glacier water,” Bissonnette said. “I’d like to nominate LeBron James, the best quarterback in the NFL Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson…”

The three big sports stars have big buckets to fill.

The Ice Bucket Challenge kicked off a few weeks ago when the family of 29-year-old Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with the progressive neurodegenerative disease often known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease two years ago, decided to do something to raise awareness of ALS, the Today Show reports.

“Did we expect it to explode like this? No, of course not,” John Frates told the show. The Frates family also didn’t know the exposure would translate into real money to fight ALS. “We’re not that clever or smart that we could have thought that it was a [fundraiser],” Frates continued.

The Today Show writes:

From July 29 to August 11 of 2013, the ALS Association received $22,000 in donations; from July 29 to August 11 of this year, it received $1.35 million thanks to the challenge. Of that, $1 million came in over the weekend.

(H/t: SBNation)

UPDATE: Pete Carroll is in!