LeBron James (with sons Bryce at left and LeBron Jr. and his wife Savannah) got a royal welcome back to Akron. (Ty Wright / Getty Images)

You can’t blame Nike for wanting to lock up a future NBA superstar, especially since it has already a relationship with his dad.

LeBron James Jr., known to his pops as Bronny, has shown flashes of talent over his nine years on the planet, so it makes sense that his father would share a photo from a Nike vice-president of basketball sports marketing, along with a little wisecrack over a “letter” that, technically, anyone can get.

“It’s only right @nikebasketball offer my son Bronny a deal,” he joked on Instagram. “He’s playing “My Career” on NBA2k14. Thanks Lynn Merritt!! Lol. #KeepItInTheFamily #EvenVideoGamesKnowWhatsUp #JamesGang #NikeLifer #StriveForGreatness”

Just how good is the younger LeBron in the actual world? Very, if a fourth-grader can be judged. His dad was pretty excited by his son’s moves at the AAU Fourth Grade National Championship last month (as shown in a video that has been viewed over 1.8 million times):

And that wasn’t the first time the youngster has shown skills; he’s been flashing his form for over half his life.

Ordinarily, this might be the sort of thing that might make NCAA officials break out in hives, but who knows what college athletics will look like by the time LeBron Jr. is ready for higher education? Besides, he might just make like his father and skip it altogether.