Brian Hoyer will start Game 2 of the preseason. (Mark Duncan / AP)

Johnny Manziel may not be in the Cleveland Browns’ doghouse, but it didn’t help that he was late for a team meeting last week.

Brian Hoyer was named the starter for the team’s second preseason game against Washington on Monday night, but Manziel says that wasn’t a factor in the decision.

“I personally don’t think it had any decision on going into this week,” Manziel said (via “I misread the schedule on Monday. I think we had to come in at 7:30 and I think it was the only day that we’ve had to come in at that time throughout camp and I was on time for what I thought was our normal 8:15 meeting time, so it was just a misinterpretation, a misreading of the schedule. I sat down with Coach [Mike] Pettine and I talked to him and we handled it and we’ve moved on. Obviously it’s something [where] I just need to do a better job of reading the schedule the night before, but it was an honest mistake and something I need to learn from and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Manziel wasn’t the only rookie who misread the schedule, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported, and Pettine said only that it was an internal matter.
Pettine plans to choose the starter for the Sept. 7 opener in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, the day after the game and Manziel had a revealing comment about that game.
“I don’t think I’m ready for Pittsburgh right now,” he said. “I’ve only played one game.”
He walked that back a bit later, adding contextually that “I can get ready. Right now it’s second week of preseason.”