(Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports)

Mo’ne Davis is an athletic force. The 13-year-old, who is one of just two girls playing in this year’s Little League World Series, is having a history-making run. She pitched a two-hit shutout last week and on Sunday, helped the Philadelphia Taney Dragons rally to beat Texas. Her standout efforts have made her the talk of many an MLB player on Twitter.

More exciting for Davis, perhaps, is getting noticed by basketball players, though. Despite her considerable talents on the pitcher’s mound, Davis doesn’t have dreams of breaking into the MLB. Instead, she plans to shoot hoops, first for the University of Connecticut and then in the WNBA. She told ESPN on Sunday:

“I want to go to U Conn and be the point guard on the basketball team. That’s like my dream and then [to] go into the WNBA.”

She added, smiling: “That’s for Geno [Auriemma, U-Conn.’s women’s basketball coach]. Geno has to know.”

If Auriemma doesn’t know yet, he’ll likely know soon of Davis’s interest. After all, her athletic talents already caught the attention of basketball great Kevin Durant.

First thing’s first, however. Davis and her team are looking for that Little League World Series title. The Taney Dragons will face Las Vegas on Wednesday, when Davis might be trying for another shutout. She makes it sound easy enough to ESPN:

“First and second inning, I got to get to know the umpire strike zone so then I know where to throw. And when i get through their order, I know where kids don’t like it. …Some people don’t like it low and outside so I throw it low and outside. Some people swing at curveballs, some people swing at first pitch, so I know when to throw the right pitch at the right time.”