(Gustau Nacarino/Reuters)

Barcelona FC put on a clinic today during the team’s friendly with the Mexican club Leon. The La Liga squad came out ahead 6-0, thanks to a newly healthy Neymar, who scored two of those goals.

Here’s Neymar’s first (the team’s second):

And his second (the team’s third):

Perhaps the bigger news, however, was the debut of Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan superstar who’s suspended from competitive play until the last week of October. FIFA doled out the four-month suspension after Suarez bit his Italian opponent in the World Cup last month. But the striker, who was acquired from Liverpool by Barcelona for a reported record $128.5 million this summer, appealed the decision, and FIFA lessened the punishment slightly to allow him to both practice with the team and play in noncompetitive friendlies.

Suarez came in at the 77th minute, and played out the second half. Cheers drowned out any notion of boos (if there were any), and considering Suarez didn’t try to snack on any of his opponents, it seems his debut was a full success. Barcelona fans will have to settle for that small, um, taste of Suarez’s skills, though. Due to his suspension, the star will not be eligible to play in the La Liga opener against Elche on Sunday.

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