(Associated Press)

Joe Mikulik, who you might remember from such classics as “Manager Throws Second Base Into Outfield” and “Manager Gives Third Base to Fan,” has added to his oeuvre with “Manager Starts Disrobing on the Field.” Now the manager of the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Mikulik did not agree with a call made by home plate umpire Adam Beck in Sunday’s game against Salem.

The best part of this latest meltdown — apart from the part where he starts taking off his clothes — might just be the play-by-play announcer, who does not deviate from his just-the-facts approach, even getting a “holy cow” in there.

In 2006, Mikulik garnered his initial fame with an extended blow-up while manager of the Class A Asheville Tourists. It landed him on “The Tonight Show,” “Pardon the Interruption” and “SportsCenter.” All the hallmarks of a Mikulik blowup were there in their nascent state: the reenactment of the play, the careful attention to the bases, the dirt-kicking.

Then, in 2012, Mikulik went ahead and took third base out of its moorings — a subtle spin on the original that drew rave reviews — and handed it to a fan before taking a bow upon his exit.