Notre Dame Director of Football Media Relations Michael Bertsch displays the new helmet that the football team will wear at the Shamrock Series. (Joe Raymond/AP)

The University of Notre Dame revealed the football program’s latest “Shamrock Series” uniforms today and, my-oh-my, are they a sight to behold — and also maybe a nice distraction from the academic fraud investigation that saw four members of the team suspended last week.

Created by Under Armour, the special uniforms, which will be worn on Sept. 13 against Purdue, have a design history as complex as the university’s golden-domed Main Building. That’s because their design is based directly on the university’s golden-domed Main Building.

Adam Clement, the creative director for team sports at Under Armour, calls the design “subtle,” but that might not be the most accurate descriptor. Not only is the helmet gold, just like the dome, but it’s also imprinted with the same cross-hatch texture. It’s a pretty obvious allusion.

Likewise, the fanciful curly design that features heavily on the shoulders of the jersey, as well as on the uniform’s base layer and gloves, was lifted pretty much directly from the mosaic on the Main Building’s floor. Again, that’s not subtle.

But just because the outfit isn’t subtle doesn’t mean it’s not great. People who don’t consider themselves fans of the Fighting Irish are even on board.

Of course, not everyone’s in love. As haters are wont to do, they’re hating.

What do you think?