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Jon Hamm throws out first pitch but comes up short on Jon Hamm bobbleheads

Famous St. Louisan Jon Hamm did the first-pitch thing Monday night. (Scott Kane / AP)

Now this is a doubleheader at the ol’ ballpark: Jon Hamm throwing out the first pitch on Jon Hamm bobblehead night.


Never mind that the “Mad Men” star and St. Louis native couldn’t get his hands on enough bobbleheads before the Cardinals’ game against Cincinnati. He got to throw to Ozzie Smith and, even better, his pitch ranked somewhere between 50 Cent and Chrissy Teigen on the sliding scale of the first pitches of 2014.

“It’s amazing how many people I’ve had ask me to get them one,” Hamm said before Jon Hamm Night. “That was the weird thing — aunts and uncles and friends of all stripes, so I’ll probably need about 40 of them.”

Two words, dude: eBay.