(Associated Press)

On Tuesday night, the Chicago Cubs’ grounds grew put on a performance only Benny Hill could love, as they failed to completely cover the diamond during a brief but heavy downpour.

After a 4.5-hour delay, the umpires deemed the field unplayable and awarded the game to the Cubs, who were up 2-0 when the rain began in the middle of the fifth inning. The Giants lodged a protest, however, and on Wednesday evening Major League Baseball sided with San Francisco, which became the first team to win such a protest since 1986, per the Associated Press.

The game will resume Thursday at 5 p.m. EDT., right before the Giants and Cubs’ regularly scheduled game at 8.

MLB’s reversal of the umpires’ decision is crucial for the Giants, who trail the Dodgers by three games in the National League West race and currently are the second NL wild-card team, 1.5 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves.