Dioner Navarro seen here in the Toronto Blue Jays dugout. (Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

The Toronto Blue Jays may not mind a little competition on the baseball diamond, but when it comes to their blue jay mascot, the team wants to stand alone. This month, the team legally challenged Creighton University’s redesign of its own Bluejays logo by filing an opposition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, SportsLogos.net reported Wednesday.

The opposition filing reads:

[Creighton’s proposed logo] is comprised of a blue jay bird head design in profile with its crest raised in a manner similar to certain [Toronto logos]. The design is formed by thick, clean lines and outlines with no gradient or shading, resulting in a bold, two-dimensional mark that is highly similar to the designs contained in certain [Toronto logos].

[Creighton’s logo] so resembles [Toronto’s] as to be likely, especially when used in connection with the words BLUE JAYS.

It’s unlikely Toronto is concerned about financial implications of Creighton’s logo, which debuted last year, as those who support the Toronto Blue Jays would almost certainly not forgo purchasing official team merchandise to instead buy Creighton Bluejays items. Instead, the team said in the opposition filing that it’s worried about dilution of their brand; that is if a very similar logo emerges not only might it confuse people, but it could affect associations to Toronto that go along with it, SportsLogos.net reports.

Creighton officials are aware of the controversy and the opposition notice, and are currently in discussions with Toronto, according to Creighton general counsel Jim Jansen, the Associated Press reports.