Daniel Bryan at Wreslemania 30.(Jonathan Bachman/AP)

How old is too young to be a WWE superfan? For Evan Wecksell’s son, Beckett Sage, age ain’t nothing but a number because this 2-year-old seems to know more about the sports entertainment company than many adult fans.

Yes, young Beckett not only has the names of 20 WWE stars memorized, but their entrance music, as well. It’s like a warped but beautiful episode of “Name That Tune.”

And if that’s not remarkable enough, allow this WWE prodigy to blow your mind by doing impressions of both Bo Dallas’s “BO-LIEVE!” and Paul Bearer’s “Ohhhhhhh yesssss!”

Kudos, Mr. Wecksell, on raising the most awesome child ever. Well, assuming his knowledge doesn’t extend to superhuman athletic ability at this age. No one wants a 2-year-old to pull out a DDT as payback for making them eat their vegetables.