Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone racks up part of his latest suspension by acting rowdy from the stands after being sent off during the second leg of the Super Cup match against Real Madrid on Friday. (Kiko Huesca/EPA)

Don’t worry. Atletico Madrid Manager Diego Simeone didn’t bite anyone to earn an eight-game suspension from the Spanish football federation this weekend — his antics were just as embarrassing, though. Per the Associated Press:

Simeone was suspended for four games for tapping the back of the assistant referee’s head, two games for protesting, one game for applauding his sending off, and one game for remaining in the stands instead of going to the changing room after his expulsion. The federation statement cited referee Fernandez Borbalan’s match report.

Translation: Simeone basically acted like an ill-tempered child after he got upset.

The Argentine national’s tantrum came in the 25th minute of a Spanish Super Cup match against Real Madrid on Friday, when he expressed his discontent over Juanfran Torres not being immediately allowed back on the pitch after being treated for a facial injury. Simeone was ejected, but the team went on to beat Real Madrid 1-0.

Simone now must sit out for four La Liga matches, including today’s, as well as four future Super Cup matches.

Before the lengthy punishment came down Simeone said he was prepared to pay whatever price the Spanish soccer association deemed appropriate. Per the Spanish Web site (via Bleacher Report):

The matter is closed. It doesn’t do any good to keep talking about the same thing. The people who make the decisions will have to see what a fair punishment is. When someone makes a mistake it’s right they pay for it, we are waiting to see what the price is. [Assistant coach] German Burgos has the ability [to stand in] and he has my trust; we see football in the same way.

The manager has yet to comment on his feelings now that the punishment has been delivered, but he has 10 days to appeal.

In the meantime, Burgos will stand in for Simeone when the team faces Rayo on Monday at 4 p.m. EDT.