Australian batsman GJ Bailey plays a shot on the first day of the ODI series against Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club. (Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP)

Mitchell Johnson is to cricket as Miguel Cabrera is to baseball. That is, they’re both smash hitters. In the case of the former, I mean that literally. Watch as Johnson smacks a six (which means the number of runs one scores when a batsman hits a ball in the air so far that it crosses the boundary line before hitting the ground) right into the glass windows of the commentators’ box.

Oh, dear. The Australian almost sent commentators Neil Manthorp and Pommie Mbangwa to the hospital during the match against Zimbabwe. Luckily, the two emerged mostly unharmed. Manthorp’s lunch, however, reportedly suffered some damage.

Australia ended up winning their first ODI series match today by 198 runs.