Peter King has this little nugget about Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson in this week’s MMQB:

Patrick Peterson signed a five-year, $70-million contract extension on July 29, with a signing bonus of $15,361,000. The bonus came in a lump-sum check, not direct-deposited.
He has not cashed the bonus check yet.
He told me, “I just haven’t gotten around to it.”

As you do. Anyway, this anecdote brings to mind Tom Verducci and David Sabino’s classic 2003 story about Rickey Henderson in Sports Illustrated. Rickey Henderson, who was the greatest, also took his time cashing his checks. To wit:

Once in the late 1980s, the New York Yankees sent Henderson a six-figure signing-bonus check. After a few months passed, an internal audit revealed that the check had not been cashed. Brian  Cashman, then a low-level executive with the club, called  Henderson to ask if there was a problem with the check.
“No problem,” Henderson said. “I’m just waiting for the money market rates to go up.”

And then there’s this Rickey story, as told by USA Today:

But the best one is that Henderson did indeed once receive a million-dollar check from the Oakland A’s and, rather than cash it, framed it and hung it on his wall.
“When you’re a kid, you want to be a millionaire,” said Henderson, who apparently wasn’t clear on the concept that the money needs to be in the bank to achieve millionaire status.
When the check didn’t clear, the A’s phoned, asked him to cash it, and suggested he display a photocopy instead.