(Mark Duncan/AP)

Remember when the Miami Heat introduced LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to the media together in 2010?

Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ introduction of Kevin Love to the media today was pretty much the opposite of that. If it was any lower key, it would’ve had to be broadcast on CSPAN.

Held at Cleveland Clinic Courts, the press conference started with a few words from General Manager David Griffin, who welcomed the ex-Minnesota Timberwolves player to Cleveland and handed Love his brand-new jersey featuring his new number, zero, which Love chose in order to “start fresh.” Griffin then left Love in the undramatic, fluorescent-lit conference room to answer questions from a few reporters.

Love’s story was simple. He said he became interested in becoming a Cavalier when ex-Heat star James called him and asked what he thought of the idea of them playing together. “I said, ‘You know what? I’m in,’ ” Love recalled. “That had a lot to do with it.”

The rest of the press conference proceeded thusly: Love thanked the organization multiple times and expressed his devotion to his new team, noting that he was there for the “long term.” He did not let on if that meant a few years or forever, however. Love also didn’t field any questions about “K-Love,” the Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s newly name octopus, although, presumably, he has no beef with it, especially in such a mellow atmosphere.

Or maybe it wasn’t the atmosphere as much as it was Love’s very Minnesotan attitude. Maybe the “Minnesota nice” is rubbing off on Cleveland a little, too. Just look how welcoming his Cleveland billboard is!