Your new handbag’s out there in right field. (Tom Olmscheid/AP)

If you plan on attending the Minnesota State Fair this year, prepare your stomach for a feast of deep-fried everything and your eyes for the beauty that is the transformed Metrodome “baggie” bag. Behold.

Manufactured by the same folks who brought you bags made out of the Metrodome’s rooftop, Duluth Pack has a new color scheme now that it’s working with the blue fabric installed in the Metrodome in 1983 along the right field wall, aka the “Hefty bag.”

Amazingly, what was so ugly then is now kind of awesome. But also rare.

“The right-field wall was 16 feet high and 190 feet long, so the number of bags that can be made will be extremely limited,” Timothy O’Phelan, the man who purchased the the fabric at auction with his business partner Jim Cunningham,  told The duo brought the “baggie” to Duluth Pack to design the bags, which come in five styles, according to Duluth News Tribune.

“Each bag is made in Duluth by expert artisans who understand the historical significance of the fabric,” O’Phelan added (via

O’Phelan and his business partner, Jim Cunningham, unveiled the new bags at the Duluth Pack booth in the Dairy Building at the State Fair on Monday. Prices will range from $205 to $525 dollars depending on style, reports.