(Vasha Hunt / AP)

Good luck, Clint Trickett, with that whole season-opener thing Saturday against Alabama.

The West Virginia quarterback chose this week of all the weeks in which to confide to reporters just how well he knows Coach Nick Saban, with whom his father coached at LSU and ‘Bama, and his family. Specifically, Saban’s daughter, who, it seems, was involved in his first kiss.

“… I don’t know if I should have said that,” Trickett, possibly the possesser of college football’s greatest name this season, quickly added (via Post-Gazette.com) that he and Kristen Saban were “like, 6 years old” at the time.  Just so everyone knows that.”

Kristen, he went on to explain, is engaged now and, he added, “Coach Nick is one of the greatest there is. My brother worked for him. He was a GA for him when be first got to Alabama. And we’ve known him for years, family friends and just one of the best coaches out there.”

Nice try, Trickett.