Dimitri Patterson says he was in touch with the Jets on Friday when he mysteriously missed a preseason game. (AP)

Is there something in the water this week? On top of the mystery surrounding USC football star Josh Shaw’s injured ankles and his USC teammate Anthony Brown’s abrupt resignation over alleged racism, another puzzler is emerging. New York Jets cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who was suspended for the rest of preseason after the Jets said he went AWOL for 48 hours last weekend, is now saying that’s untrue.

“As it relates to my whereabouts and me missing for 48 hours without being seen or heard from me or my representative, [that] is completely false,” Patterson said in a text statement to ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “My agent reached out to the Jets organization multiple times several hours prior to Friday night’s game. My commitment to the Jets organization and to my teammates has never been an issue and never will be an issue.”

And the mystery gets even more complicated …

“As it relates to the rumors about my frustration in regards to the depth chart, [that] is totally and completely false. In nine years I have never had control over the depth chart,” Patterson added in his statement to Anderson.

The Jets organization has yet to respond to Patterson’s claims.

While it’s nice to hear from Patterson on this matter, his statement still leaves many unanswered questions, mainly: What made the 31-year-old miss Friday night’s game?

If it comes out that it has something to do with USC, that’s it. The world is imploding.