(Tony Dejak/AP)

Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Johnny Manziel has racked up a few nicknames this summer. He once was known solely as Johnny Football, but a high-profile trip to Sin City earned him the moniker Johnny Vegas, a controversial flick of his middle digit made him Johnny Finger and his relegation to second string rendered him Johnny Clipboard. Now, a new Snickers ad just bestowed on him the best nickname of them all: “Johnny JamBoogie.”

The spot is actually pretty funny, if not solely because, as USA Today puts it, Manziel “looks about as comfortable in front of his class as Manziel does in an NFL pocket.” Ouch.

Luckily for Manziel, his struggles on the field haven’t translated to sponsorship problems. Besides Snickers, Manziel has deals with McDonalds, Nissan and Nike.