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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is reportedly “very upset” over his team’s decision to trade his No. 1 protector for nine seasons, guard Logan Mankins, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reportsMankins was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for tight end Tim Wright and a fourth-round draft pick on Tuesday.

Cole says Brady had a “very emotional reaction” when he heard about the trade, and said “he was not happy with this move.” He continued:

“There’s usually a very special bond that you have between offensive lineman and quarterbacks. Quarterbacks depend on those guys so much. Brady, initially, he was very upset about this trade, but we’ll see how he acts going forward. He usually finds his calm after a day or two.”

Cole reports other Patriots players were concerned about the trade as well, specifically wondering what it means for the overall direction of the team.

“I think there is some understanding that the team needs a tight end, but why would you necessarily give up a player of this caliber for a short term fix,” Cole said regarding what the other Patriots players have relayed to him.

But as The Post’s Cindy Boren has pointed out before, this strategy has been tried and tested by Bill Belichick’s squad in the past:

Big roster moves just before the beginning of the season are nothing new for the Patriots. In 2003, the team cut safety Lawyer Milloy after two Pro Bowl seasons and in 2009 it traded Richard Seymour, a key member of the defensive line, to Oakland for a first-round pick.

Cole adds that the idea to trade Mankins may have also been boiling since February, when he says sources told him the team asked the six-time Pro Bowl player to consider a salary cut. Mankins refused. Under his six-year deal with the Patriots, Mankins was set to make $51 million total. He was to make around $6.25 million of that this season, his 10th. Now the 308-pound 32-year-old will make that same amount with the Bucs, and potentially $20 million more under the terms of the three years left on his contract, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The new tight end for that Pats, Tim Wright, will be making roughly $1.5 million over the next three years, according to Spotrac.com.

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