By now, you’ve probably seen at least a few “undercover athlete” videos.

David Beckham went incognito at Target, Dwyane Wade sold Gatorade at Dick’s Sporting Goods and several NFL players have pulled off the stunt at Modell’s Sporting Goods stores.

They tend to follow a familiar recipe: hidden cameras, unsuspecting shoppers and a thorough disguise. It’s a tried and tested formula that generally works well for the companies behind the campaign. So viral, man.

But Courtyard Mariott could have probably put in a bit more effort with Nick Foles’s disguise, which basically consisted of the kind of fake moustache you’d buy two hours before a Halloween party.

The plan was for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to pretend to be a server during various fantasy football drafts. They tried the gag on three different groups and each time, Foles was almost immediately spotted by one of the members of the party.

One of the attendees wrote about the experience on Reddit. User JohnDRuckerDuck wrote:

“I couldn’t believe it, but I had to put the pieces together. Big dude. Too perfect mustache and mutton chops. Big glasses. Hands the size of Montana. The only waiter that actually talked. A name tag that read “Nick”. The signs were all there.”

It probably would have also helped if Mariott chose a location outside of Pennsylvania. Word of advice to other companies: spend some time and money on prosthetics. When in doubt, follow Uncle Drew’s lead.