(Keith Srakocic/AP)

Japanese television shows are generally the best television shows. Need proof? How about that one time when Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to stand around looking uncomfortable while promoting weird facial exercise equipment? Or that other time when a woman broke the 10-meter splits race (just click it). Must-see TV, indeed.

This week, the Japanese are keeping up the tradition of making so-weird-you-gotta-watch-it television by aiming a machine that spits 186-mile-per-hour fastballs at a batter. It goes about as well as one can imagine.

If Takeshi Yamasaki, who hit 403 home runs over the course of his quarter-century career with Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball league, couldn’t make contact, it’s safe to say no one can.

“Maybe if you just swung blindly, you might eventually make contact, but humans just can’t react fast enough the normal way,” Yamasaki says (translation help via Redditor “the2belo”).

And so Yamasaki just laughs at man being defeated by machine, instead. Fair enough.

(H/t: CBS Sports/Reddit)