Kenny Hill reacts to his team’s win over South Carolina on Thursday. (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Quarterback Kenny Hill made an distinct impression on Texas A&M fans when he led the Aggies to a victory over South Carolina, 52-28, on Thursday night. Now he’s making an impression on some of his fans’ wallets, too — at least those who recently bought furniture. Allow me to explain.

The Ashley Furniture store in College Station, Tex., made a hefty bet before the game: The owners promised all furniture purchased at the branch from Aug. 16 to Aug. 27 would be free if Texas A&M could win by 10 points. The Aggies won by 24. Per ESPN:

Mark Wilks, who owns the store, told on Thursday night that more than 600 people bought items during that time period totaling more than $1 million in sales. One customer, Wilks said, bought $20,000 worth of furniture.

Wilks took to his store’s Facebook page at halftime when the Aggies were up 31-14 and asked those who took advantage of the promotion how they were feeling.

“Sitting on this fantastic new couch that just arrived this morning and feeling STOKED about the game score right now!!!” Maggie Redding Webb commented on the post.

“[M]y Aggie hubby says he’s NEVER won anything before. Now he can’t say that EVER again. :) Whoop!” Lisa Carter Gray said.

“My new table is going to be even better since it’s free!” Garrett Meschke responded.

Now, that’s a deal.

“We’ve wanted to do this for three or four years now,” Wilks told ESPN. “This was really good for us. We’re going to have a big check-writing party at the store.”

If you’re wondering why Wilks is so happy about losing $1 million, it’s because he’s not actually losing $1 million.

Wilks was able to purchase insurance for the promotion at a fairly low rate due to Texas A&M being a 10 1/2-point underdog going into the game, ESPN reports. Wilks will only have to pay about 15 percent of the furniture’s total cost out of his own pocket.

But the money, it seems, pales in comparison to team spirit for Wilks anyway. In addition to the wild bet, the store also shut down on Thursday afternoon so that its employees could watch the home team compete.

Looks like everyone has a reason to celebrate.