USC cornerback Josh Shaw is resisting further attempts by police to interview him. (Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News)

After admitting that he had lied about injuring his ankles while rescuing his seven-year-old nephew from drowning — in the process becoming a national disgrace — Josh Shaw’s situation was pretty bad, to say the least. However, it may get worse.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating whether Shaw was involved in an incident of domestic violence with his girlfriend on Saturday, which was the day he suffered the injuries (however that happened). According to the Los Angeles Times, Shaw has clammed up, citing advice from his attorney, Donald Etra. From the Times:

“We would have like to hear from Mr. Shaw to provide some clarity about the situation, but that is not going to happen,” said [LAPD Capt. John] McMahon. “In light of that, our investigation into a possible domestic dispute will continue.”

McMahon said Shaw’s girlfriend had spoken to police and “did not indicate she was a victim” of domestic violence, but he declined to detail her statement.

Shaw’s attorney, Donald Etra, said his client “has already spoken to the LAPD twice. We believe that is enough. The matter is over and there is no need to talk to them further. … Enough is enough.”

On Saturday night, the LAPD responded to a report of a woman screaming inside a third-floor apartment in a downtown neighborhood. Officers broke down the doors, but didn’t find anyone inside; however, they did notice that a window had been pried open. Subsequently, neighbors reported seeing an African-American male with dreadlocks climbing down from the balcony of that apartment. Eventually, the woman who lives in that apartment returned and she told police that the description matched Shaw’s, who she said was her boyfriend.

Etra told the Associated Press on Thursday that “the injury was caused by a fall from [Shaw’s] balcony at his apartment.”

Shaw was suspended indefinitely by USC in the wake of his confession. Coach Steve Sarkisian did not rule out the possibility that Shaw could return to the team at some point this season, but it appears that the cornerback has some legal issues to work through first.