(Associated Press)

You don’t just want LeSean McCoy on your fantasy football team — you need him. And Pizza Hut knows you need him. So the company is willing to help you out with a trade, as long as the person you hope to snag him from is willing to shell out for free pizza. Per a Pizza Hut press release:

[R]egardless of the amount of preparation, it never fails that every team will hit a crossroads with a player at some point during the season, and in the fantasy world, that often comes in the form of a trade. Unfortunately, as all fantasy owners are aware, not all trade offers are created equal. League leading receiver for an oft-injured third down running back? No way. But what if that trade offer added something so irresistible — so real — that it demanded a second look? That’s where Pizza Hut comes in.

Fantasy team owners just need to say the word, apparently, and e-mail their trade offers with the subject line “Pizza Hut Trade Bait” to tradebait@pizzahut.com with a brief explanation about why they need pizza to help close the deal.

Alas, a pizza coupon that you can use to bribe your friend is not a given. Each week Pizza Hut will evaluate the submissions and choose the ones that plea their case the best. The official rules state reviewers will consider everything from creativity to complexity to the number of players involved in the proposed trade to decide who gets the free pizza incentives.

“We want people to be creative in their submissions,” Pizza Hut PR Director Doug Terfehr said in the statement. “If there’s something specific on our menu that an owner thinks is appetizing to their trade partner, we want to know. Maybe someone’s old college roommate and owner of that prized QB is a lover of Pizza Hut breadsticks. We want to know and we’ll factor that in as part of the trade offer.”

In short, participants are going to have to work for their free pies (or breadsticks). The best work will be rewarded, though.

“The most epic trade and explanation submitted during the contest period, which ends on November 12, will win the grand prize award of gift cards equivalent to one pizza every other week for a year,” the statement reads.