Sacramento’s Nik Stauskas can light it up from downtown. (Nick Laham/Getty Images)

The Kings ranked 27th in three-point shooting last season, so it made sense for them to look for some help in that department. It appears that they may have found help, and then some, in the form of Nik Stauskas, whom the team took eighth overall out of Michigan.

Stauskas recently posted a video to YouTube called, “Going 15 for 15 in 46 seconds. Anyone want a 3 point shootout?” Uh, no thanks, dude, that appears to be a losing proposition. In rapid-fire manner, Stauskas is shown taking a trio of the long-range shots from five positions around the three-point line. Nothing but net each time.

Very impressive, but it’s impossible not have one complaint. What’s with the vertical footage? That is hard to watch, even if Stauskas’ stroke is easy on the eyes.