A scene starring Jake “The Snake” Roberts in “Beyond the Mat.” (Lionsgate Films)

Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the 1980s-era WWE wrestler known for unleashing a real-life snake named Damien on his opponents after a win, is having a health crisis. PWInsider.com reports the Hall of Fame wrestler collapsed on a flight to Las Vegas after ignoring medical advice to see a doctor about a reported “double pneumonia” infection. The star is currently fading in and out of consciousness in intensive care, according to his friend and fellow WWE star Diamond Dallas Page.

The news has truly come at an unfortunate time for Roberts, who recently began turning his turbulent life around. He made his first WWE appearance after 17 years in January for a special episode of “Raw,” and later, the legend was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Roberts was on his way to Las Vegas to participate in a show being promoted by Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi, PWInsider reports. Obviously, Roberts’s fans are wishing him well.

(H/t: Bleacher Report)