The end of Russell Hansbrough’s run was nice, but how he got there was the real eye-opener. (Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Missouri’s Russell Hansbrough was credited with a 10-yard touchdown run in today’s game against South Dakota State, but it was so much more than that. Really, it was probably about a 50-yard run, considering how much backward and lateral movement went into it. Oh, and it involved schooling a bunch of flailing defenders before turning the corner and winning a race to the pylon.

(SB Nation)

Wait, which ones are the Jackrabbits, again? Well, that would be SDSU, but certainly we had a tortoises-and-the-hare situation on this play. Except, in this case, the hare won. Against the Jackrabbits. Okay, the point is, what a run!