Youngstown State coach Eric Wolford had reason to look away during his team’s loss to Illinois. (Bradley Leeb/Associated Press)

Nearly two years ago, Mark Sanchez and the Jets gave the world the “Butt Fumble.” (Cut to the other Jets saying, “Hey, hold on now, that was all Sanchize.”) It was a play so ludicrous that ESPN’s “SportsCenter” had to retire the clip from “Not Top 10: Worst of the Worst” consideration, or else it would still be winning that dubious honor.

Well, today Youngstown State came up with a delightful variation: the “Butt Punt.” And it might just have swung the game toward favored Illinois.

The Penguins were leading, 9-7, in the third quarter when they failed to convert on third and one from the 50-yard line. Joey Cejudo came in to punt, and he tried to roll away from pressure up the middle before getting off his kick. Unfortunately, all he did was roll toward a blocking teammate, into whose rump Cejudo deposited his punt.

(Courtesy of @TomFornelli)

Butt Punt! And sure enough, Illinois made sure that YSU paid for such buffoonery. The Illini scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession, and even though the Penguins came back to retake the lead, ultimately Illinois prevailed, 28-17.

In fairness, the Butt Punt doesn’t quite match the inept artistry of the Butt Fumble, but what does? It’s a high, high standard to match, but kudos to the Penguins for trying.