Jimmy Johnson in 1996. (Rick Bowmer / AP)

Time isn’t mellowing Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones.

In a rich portrait of the Dallas Cowboys’ owner/general manager, ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. writes that Jones’s feud with his former coach is as spicy as ever. Jones revealed that has no intention of putting Johnson in the team’s Ring of Honor despite his two Super Bowl championships. Jones believes that Johnson taking credit for making football decisions was an irreparable breach.

“Disloyalty … I couldn’t handle the disloyalty,” Jones said. “Whether it was right or not, by every measurement you can go, I had paid so many times a higher price to get to be there than he had paid, it was unbelievable.”

Jones went on to say that he was more interested in inducting “guys that were on the field making the plays.” Never mind that former coach Tom Landry and former general manager Tex Schramm are in the Ring, Johnson isn’t going in. “To have that kind of recognition for a coach, I know that’s there. On the other hand, I get to make that decision,” Jones said.

Johnson’s response? He admitted that he had read the story and told Bob West of the Port Arthur News that Jones came across “about like I expected. Jerry comes across as a rich [expletive].”