(Alejandro Garcia/EPA)

Neymar has had one heck of a year filled with ups and downs. An exciting World Cup start ended for him when the Brazilian phenom fractured a vertebra in his spine. Weeks later, the quick-footed forward made a valiant recovery and helped Barcelona win an international friendly, 6-0. But now, the soccer star is facing another possible setback and all for just being awesome to his fans.

Yes, you read that correctly. During his warmup exercises on Sunday when the team was facing Villarreal, Neymar paused to sign an autograph. He then went back to business, entered the game and helped clinch the win by setting up a play for his teammate Sandro Ramirez. Barcelona won 1-0.

The autograph incident was caught on tape.

It may look innocuous, in fact, it may even make Neymar look super-friendly and cool in the eyes of his fans, but to Barcelona it looks like the star isn’t concentrating — a fault that could result in a some sort of punishment, MundoDeportivo.com reports. The main problem, the Spanish-language site reports is that the autograph came during the game, while it was still tied 0-0.

BarcaBlaugranes.com, a blog all about Barcelona, calls the incident “dumb,” but added, “it could be serious.” How serious it is will depend on who was reportedly upset by the gesture. But considering his lapse of concentration (if it can really even be called that) didn’t affect the outcome of the game negatively for Barcelona, if Neymar does get reprimanded it will likely amount to a stern talking to. Seriously, it’s not like he bit anyone…