Texas A&M quarterback Kenny Hill (7) used his legs in Saturday’s rout of South Carolina, but he did most of his considerable damage with his arm. (Rainier Ehrhardt/Associated Press)

Kenny Hill’s record-setting debut Saturday as Texas A&M’s quarterback had plenty of folks asking, “Johnny Who?” Of course, it also had a lot of people referring to Hill as “Kenny Football.” Including this guy:

It didn’t seem like the most inspired nickname at the time, and now comes word that Hill himself has a different preference: “Kenny Trill.”

In slang, the word “trill” is a mashup of “true” and “real,” and it is closely associated with the rapper Bun B. Mr. B himself, who goes by the Twitter handle “BunBTrillOG,” signaled his conditional approval of Hill’s appropriation.

In other words, keep piling up wins and/or gaudy stats, or “Kenny Trill” will lose Bun B’s goodwill. However, the Aggie is indeed on his way. This graphic posted on the Instagram account of ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” shows the many ways that, in one start, Hill bested Johnny Manziel’s career highs.