The real Christian Kirksey, left, is much more fearsome than his tiny avatar. (Jeff Haynes/AP)

There’s a funny little glitch in the latest “Madden” video game that when activated makes a wee little man on pop up on screen. No, it’s not Kevin Hart. It’s Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey in a Tennessee Titan uniform. Listed at 6 feet 2 and 235 pounds on the Browns’ roster, in “Madden 15,” Kirksey is 1 feet 2 and looks to weigh about 2.35 pounds. The “Tiny Titan,” as the glitch has come to be known, really is quite adorable.

It’s even better in action.

As for the life-size Kirksey, a third-round draft pick, he’s taking it in stride and laughing along with the rest of us.