(LM Otero/AP)

Celebrity commands bizarre scenes. Take Michael Sam, for instance, after gaining fame for being the first openly gay player to be picked in the NFL draft, the new Dallas Cowboy is commanding media scrums the size of Texas — and he’s just on the practice squad.

It’s true that any other player signed to a practice squad would not make waves like Sam’s signing. But there’s good reason for that. Sam’s continuation in the NFL a big deal in the historical sense. Aside from the three preseason sacks, which most likely earned him the practice squad spot, Sam is forging a path for all openly gay football players with talent that will come after him. He’s proving that a player’s sexuality does not matter in the NFL — neither on the field nor in the shower.

And so reporters jumped at the chances to ask the newest Cowboy a few questions, and for those who couldn’t join the scrum, Sam summarized his sentiments by tweeting out a statement about joining his new team.