Sidney Crosby enjoys the taste of freedom. (And also victory.) (Sorry America.) (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)

Just to clarify, here is a short list of people who were not arrested in Canada in the past 24 hours:

• Me
• My grandmother (okay, I’m just guessing here)
Wesley Lowery (CAN CONFIRM)
• Sidney Crosby

Early Wednesday morning came a report that Crosby — Canadian Olympic hero, Pittsburgh Penguins star, and DMV line-jumper — had been detained by authorities in Ottawa.

“Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby was arrested by Ottawa Police late Tuesday while driving a rented Porsche, sources have told QMI Agency,” read the story. “Reasons of his arrest were unknown, but appear to be driving related.”

The problem, of course, is that Crosby hadn’t been arrested by Ottawa police, and apparently wasn’t even in Canada. Ottawa’s police chief, Charles Bordeleau, denied the report on Twitter a few hours ago:

The story’s been pulled from the Ottawa Sun’s site, but you can still read the mobile version, and you’ll find a screenshot here.

“This is a total, out-and-out blatant lie, as far as I know,” Ottawa police Sgt. Steve Hodgson told Chronicle Herald; police also told an Ottawa radio station that the report was an “outright lie.”

Meanwhile, the Chronicle Herald this week also ran a picture of Crosby’s first day of school from 1992, which is absolutely, completely unrelated to this incident, we just thought you’d like his backpack.