Russell Westbrook and the woman who can now be called his fiancee, Nina Earl. (John Sciulli/Getty Images)

Russell Westbrook is still chasing a ring with Kevin Durant and the Thunder, but he tracked one down to give to his girlfriend, Nina Earl. Westbrook posted this photo on his Instagram account Wednesday, along with the caption, “Nothing even matters..” @ninamari3_ forever my lady! LOVE YOU!!!!”

Shortly afterward, Earl posted a pic on her own Instagram account (these modern kids, I tell ya), with the caption, “My life! I love you like XO @russwest44.. Thank you @jasonofbh for the gorgeous ring!”

So it would seem congratulations are in order for the adorable couple. A couple of months ago, Earl was rumored to be pregnant, but that was based on some papparazzi photos of her and Westbrook at a beach vacation in which she looked just a smidge non-svelte. If and when she and Westbrook ever do have a child, that kid will probably be a heck of a baller, given that Earl, like Westbrook, played hoops at UCLA.