Chris Peterson, right, athletic director of Derek Fisher’s alma mater, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, accepts a $700,000 donation to the school before the Warriors game against the Lakers in 2005. (Jeff Chiu/Associated Prtess)

Arkansas-Little Rock athletic director Chris Peterson was in his 15th year on the job,  hailed as a successful fund-raiser, when he abruptly resigned  Tuesday. On Wednesday, we learned of a major reason why: Peterson had made lewd comments about the mother of a women’s soccer player, not realizing at the time that his banter was being picked up by a hot mic and broadcast during a live stream of a soccer game on the school’s Web site.

According to the Arkansas Times, during an Aug. 22 game between UALR and Chicago State, Peterson was in the press box, chatting with members of the sports information staff. Live streams of these games usually do not include an audio component, but on this occasion, a microphone was left on until that was discovered to be the case at halftime. From the report by the Times:

Among others, Peterson mentioned how the player’s mother was “much curvier” than another person in the conversation had said. Peterson continued: “She had her [expletive] hanging out, too. Remember that? ….. I got to make sure I’m in town for the weekend on Parents Day.”

He remarked later: “She had two of ’em and they were out there for display.”

Peterson issued this statement on the matter:

On Friday August 22nd I made insensitive remarks while visiting with some athletic department employees at a soccer game. My comments were picked up by an open microphone, unknowingly, making a private conversation public. I have apologized to the parties that may have been offended by my remarks and fully acknowledge my words were insensitive and out of line. I’ve learned a hard lesson. As I close this chapter, I know going forward that I’ll be more thoughtful, sensitive and conscientious of my actions. What my future holds I cannot say, but I’m upbeat, optimistic and ready for the next chapter.