Fans, presumably of the deep-pocketed variety, attend a preseason game between the 49ers and the Chargers at Levi’s Stadium. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to take your family of four to an NFL game, and you want the full experience — which includes feeling like you got thoroughly gouged — do the 49ers have the place for you! The team’s brand-new Levi’s Stadium comes complete with the highest mark in the Fan Cost Index, setting back a family of four a tidy $641.50.

Team Marketing Report, which publishes sports marketing and sponsorship information, compiles the Fan Cost Index annually, and this year it has the Niners taking over the top spot from the Cowboys. Here is how the firm describes its methodology:

The Fan Cost Index™ comprises the prices of four (4) average-price tickets, two (2) cheapest-priced draft beers, four (4) cheapest soft drinks, four (4) cheapest hot dogs, parking for one (1) car, two (2) game programs and two (2) least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps. Costs were determined by telephone calls with representatives of the teams, venues and concessionaires. Identical questions were asked in all interviews.

Pushing the 49ers over the top, according to the study, was a massive, 40.1% increase in average price for a non-premium ticket, which now stands at $117.00. The highest average ticket price goes to the Patriots ($122.00), who came in third in FCI, followed by the Redskins. The Bears, Giants, Jets, Ravens, Eagles and Steelers round out the top 10.

If you want to take a family of four to an NFL game and still be able to pay your mortgage, you’d be well advised to head to the South or the Rust Belt. The 10 teams that have the lowest marks for FCI, starting at the bottom, are the Jaguars ($345.58), Browns, Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Titans, Panthers, Bengals and Lions, then the Chiefs.

Of course, some folks are less interested in bringing their kids to a football game than continuing the tailgate party they started that morning. Not to worry, Team Marketing Report has some other pertinent information:

St. Louis added a new pricepoint to give it the cheapest beer in the NFL, a $4.50, 12-ounce option. Five teams have a cheapest beer that only costs $5, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, the Jets and the Giants. Those beers are also 12 ounces, except for Cincinnati, which has a 14-ounce option.