Last month, 22-year-old Jordan Dunn raised the bar for pitch-invaders by not only rushing the field during a West Ham-Tottenham soccer game, but also by topping off his run with a fairly well-struck free kick.

A judge in England fined Dunn the equivalent of about $500. To pay off the fine, Dunn took to Go Fund Me. He raised the money in about two days.

The judge, for his part, denied the prosecution’s request to have Dunn banned from soccer stadiums, noting his clean record. He also had some fun with his ruling, per the BBC:

Passing sentence at Thames Magistrates’ Court in east London, District Judge Gareth Branston said: “You had consumed alcohol and your stride pattern was a bit out of kilter, but to borrow a phrase you did bend it like Beckham.

The judge said the effort was “easily” saved by the West Ham goalkeeper, but referred to Christian Eriksen’s subsequent free kick from the same spot, saying: “I understand that the professional footballer who followed you did not do any better.”

He also said it was a “small mercy” that Dunn had “decided to remain fully clothed”.