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Ray Rice jerseys become extinct as stores pull them from shelves and fans burn them or trade them in for pizza

Not that they’re in high demand right now, but buying a Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice jersey has just gotten a lot harder. Verizon sports reporter Jennifer X. Williams tweeted earlier that Ray Rice jerseys for women had been discontinued at NFL’s fan shop.

Now, it looks like all Ray Rice items, form jerseys to bobbleheads to signed helmets have been marked “discontinued” on

. Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Modell’s also stripped their virtual shelves of Rice gear, according to ABC News. However, Rice jerseys and other memorabilia remained available via Sports Authority, Eastbay and others, as of 5 p.m. on Monday. As for fans who already own Ray Rice gear, they’re already starting to unload it. Here’s one guy throwing his in the garbage:

And a couple of Baltimore bars and eateries are rewarding Ravens fans for trashing their jerseys.

Finally, the angriest fan in the world is calling for all Ray Rice jersey holders to “disown” the disgraced running back by burning their Rice gear immediately.