As we’ve already seen, they’re pretty excited in Kansas City these days. The Chiefs’ exposure of the Patriots’ many flaws on Monday night only added to the mania. During the game, things got pretty loud.

Kansas City’s fans reclaimed the Guinness loudness record of 137.6 decibels set last year in Seattle during a Monday night game against the Saints, a record Chiefs fans previously held.

But just how loud is 142.2 decibels? Here’s how that stacks up against other loud things, per H.E.A.R.: Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (throws devil horns):

Loudest sound that can occur: 194 db

Amplified rock music at its loudest: 150 db

Chiefs fans: 142 db

Jet engine at 100 feet: 140 db

Pneumatic riveter at four feet: 125 db

Pain begins (yikes!): 125 db

Amplified rock music at four to six feet: 120 db

Power saw: 110 db

Power mower: 107 db

Average headphone music at middle of volume setting: 94 db

Chiefs fans might want to bring earplugs the next time they try to pull off the record. Prolonged exposure to such noise isn’t recommended. H.E.A.R. sets that limit at 90 to 95 db.