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Ohio inmate asks for parole, citing desire to see LeBron James play for the Cavs

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)
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Jason Goudlock has been in an Ohio prison for nearly 21 years after he was convicted of aggravated robbery and felonious assault in 1994. But he’s up for parole again soon, and the reasoning behind his petition for release is fairly straightforward.

Fox 8 in Cleveland has the story:

He’s mounted a very public campaign for his freedom, claiming a flaw in sentencing guidelines has forced him to serve more time for robbery than newer inmates convicted of murder.
In his letter, he wrote “I urge you to retire #248-561 because I have history to make.”

Seems like a reasonable argument, no? But there’s one more reason why he wants out, an case that he wouldn’t have been able to make had LeBron James not taken his talents back to Cleveland this summer:

He goes on to say: “On the lighter side, I would truly like to witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship for my beloved hometown.”

The Ohio Parole Board will decide Goudlock’s fate later this month (he says he’ll mentor “at-risk youths” if he’s released). If he fails, Goudlock could stay in prison until 2028. LeBron will be 44 by then and most likely retired.