There are indications Steve Nash is nearing the end of a glorious career. There’s the fact he’s 40, which makes him the NBA’s oldest player. He already has played 18 seasons. In his 18th season, he struggled with injuries and appeared in just 15 games. He documented much of that season in a Grantland series called (hint, hint) “The Finish Line.”

On Wednesday, we got the latest sign the on-court end is near for the Lakers point guard.

This comes on the heels of Nash sitting out the Lakers’ second preseason game, then removing himself from the third because of back pain. In fact, the Los Angeles Times

Tuesday that Nash might be better off playing limited minutes with the second team this season and ceding the starting duties for the first time in his career, in this case to Jeremy Lin.

But it’s one thing to have your back tighten up while running around on a basketball court. Just lifting luggage? That’s a bad sign, indeed. Kind of makes Nash seem like an old man, right, Twitter?

Others made a good point: Why was Nash picking up his own bags to begin with?

Yeah, isn’t this what rookies are good for? I mean, besides injecting some desperately needed youthful vitality and cheap contracts. But this doesn’t have to become a Richie Incognito situation; it’s just that if Nash’s bags need picking up, 19-year-old, 250-pound rookie Julius Randle is simply a much better candidate for the job.