First of all, if you’re not familiar with the #RKOOutOfNowhere meme sweeping the Internet, it involves taking an image of WWE heel Randy Orton, then applying his signature “RKO” surprise-attack move to any Vine footage of someone falling on his or her face. Here, just watch this compilation:

So Dundee was taking on Motherwell in Scottish Premier League action Saturday when Dundee’s Gary Harkins scored a goal. The celebration? Let’s just say that Harkins and teammate Jim McAlister know their meme.

In case anyone was confused about what had happened, Harkins was happy to explain (sort of) on his Twitter feed.

The team for which Harkins and McAlister play proved that it was very much in on the joke.

Harkins also re-tweeted expressions of faux-concern over his teammate’s vicious assault.

But the tweet Harkins had to be most delighted to pass along came from the master himself.