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This Bacon Bowl ad is amazing in so many ways

Real bacon and a fake Freddie Mercury, together at last. (Allstar Products Group via YouTube)

Many folks were just minding their own business on Saturday, trying to watch some college football, when this ad interrupted their lives. And not in a bad way at all.

Okay, let’s start with the fact that everyone loves bacon, and all this product is trying to do is ensure that you never have to consume anything ever again that doesn’t come in a bowl. A bowl made entirely of bacon.

Soft-serve ice cream in a bowl made of bacon? Genius.

And why in the world would you hand out Bacon Bowls to fitness enthusiasts in the midst of running a race? Why, to put their mac ‘n cheese in it, silly!

Okay, I’ve buried the lede for long enough: THE JINGLE. It sounds for all the world like mid-70s Queen, complete with Freddie Mercury. I mean, that is uncanny.

It turns out that the creator of the jingle, Rick Altizer, did employ the frontman for a Queen cover band called Queen Extravaganza. And it’s obvious that Altizer has spent some time listening to Queen’s 1975 classic, “A Night at the Opera.”

Altizer’s work shouldn’t be considered a rip-off so much as an homage to an iconic band. Not to mention a brilliant marketing device. Just look at all the free publicity The Washington Post is giving this product!

Anyway, to bring it back to something vaguely sports-related, the ad certainly made an impression on some college football viewers.

(H/T SB Nation)